For too long, license plate frames have been boring, one-dimensional products that give you limited ways to add personalization and express yourself.  Flat, uninspired and lifeless, the average license plate frame was not what Jason, founding member of Fan Frames, was looking to display on his truck.  Jason expressed his frustrations with his friend Jeff, and at that moment, Fan Frames was born.

Fan Frames produces the most kick ass 3D license plate frames allowing you to support your favorite team or organization while on the go.  Our unique designs are perfect to put on your car, or even convert it to a picture frame for your wall or desk.  The Fan Frames team is comprised of parents, volunteers, husbands, wives, athletes, and of course we’re all FANATICS.  Our multi-use 3D frames allow you to express the most important aspects of your life. Whether you are supporting your favorite sports team, children’s team, favorite charity, or looking to grow your business, Fan Frames is committed to giving fans new ways of expressing their most important memories and passions in life.

  • Do you have a favorite college or professional sports team?
  • Are you passionate about a charity or cause?
  • Is your child’s room decorated with their favorite team?
  • Are you ready to upgrade your “man cave”?


  • Are you a Licensor and want to partner with us?
  • You looking to expand your brand and communicate your marketing messages in new ways?
  • Do you have a special event or custom project you want to talk about? If so, join the Fan Frames movement today and together we will revolutionize the industry!